TATFX is a fast, simple and cost-effective solution to moving funds internationally!

Through the partnership with our FX and payment services provider Compass: TATFX enables corporates and family offices to manage currency risk, increase profitability and improve operational cashflows.

Takes 2 minutes to complete. Have your ID ready. If we can’t verify you online, we may ask for:
  • Copy of drivers licence or passport
  • Utility bill with matching address
  • Bank or credit card statement
  • Certificate of incorporation
Your private FX dealing and payments portal
  • Get FX quotes + Book deals
  • Make international payments
  • Check foreign currency balances
  • Manage FX forwards

Foreign currency payments are a vital part of any trading business whether importing, exporting, manufacturing or outsourcing. 

Our ability to aggregate wholesale pricing from a network of global banks allows you to pay overseas at a far more competitive FX rate, with lower fees and ultimately higher profitability.

Receive foreign currency in segregated foreign currency trust accounts held at APRA-approved banks allowing you to export to international clients and enter new markets with greater flexibility without incurring the cost of opening your own FCA’s.

Manage foreign exchange risk. Lock in future exchange rates through forwards and options enabling you to reduce the impact of FX volatility on earnings and thereby increase cashflow certainty.

Support and simplicity of having a secure online dealing platform and a professional FX account manager to keep an eye out on the FX markets will give you the freedom to focus on running your business.

Secure online platform. Book FX deals, make international payments and manage multi-currency balances using purpose-built FX and payments platform. While major banks use the platform internally, TATFX clients can access this 24 hours a day.

Execute complex cross-border transactions leveraging our partner - Compass’s global network of banks, liquidity providers and partners.

High volume batch payment processing is ideal for international dividends, payrolls and rental returns allowing you to save on multiple transaction fees, large FX spreads and eliminate labour and input error.

Faster Global Payments due to our local payment providers (Kotak, BDO, EarthPort and Currency Cloud) being able to release funds a lot quicker than the standard international banking SWIFT payments

Tailored Solutions Solutions such as Forward Hedging, Drawdowns, Batch Payments and Client Specific Needs along with TAT Working Capital & TAT Corporate.

Secure Transactions All transactions with Compass Global Markets are secured with the highest levels of encryption technologies supported by and with the reassurance of the world-renowned Verisign systems. Verisign protects billions of transactions every day across the world’s data networks. The transaction platform is one of the most sophisticated in the market place and all your activity and information is securely held. Your settlement process is backed by state of the art automated back office procedures. Automated transfers and transactions mean there is no room for human error. We have systems and processes in place that safeguard against any unauthorised use or disclosure of your personal information.

Our Customers

All FX and payments are provided through TAT FX Pty Ltd ABN 76 605 778 943, CAR no. 1233620 of Compass Global Holdings Pty Limited ACN 159 256 014 AFSL 426810.

General Advice Warning: Any advice given by TAT FX and/or its staff is considered to be general advice only. The advice does not take into account your particular objectives, financial situation or needs. TAT recommends that customers obtain independent advice before making any financial investment or trading decision. For further information please refer to the Compass PDS & FSG