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FX Market Update - August 2019

Key Insights:

  • AUD index against major trading partners shows a clear negative trend for currency since its peak in 2012. 
  • Over the past 12 months, AUD has weakened against most major currencies, the largest weakness was noted against the Yen and Swiss Franc. 
  • AUD weakness is also evident...
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Foresight currency market review - March 2019


  • While AUD has made some gains against major currencies over the past one and three months, the longer-term trend has been negative
  • The continued soft outlook for AUD is underpinned by weaker domestic economic data, dovish RBA and mixed outlook for commodity prices
  • Volatility of AUD against JPY ...
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The AUD is looking to escape the grasps of a bearish trend that we have seen throughout this year: with the assistance of the weakening Greenback, and also what looks to be seen as a positive statement from RBA yesterday morning. 

The Australian Dollar had fallen more than 9% against the U....

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'FIFA World Cup vs FX: Who will win?' - a Tat Capital prediction

Football World Cup 2018 is creating waves, and last week, we saw how the countries fared in FX & Football for Round 16.  

The big quarter-finals start today: will we better our 50% prediction rate this time around? 

Here are our predictions: wink



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FX Forwards: Brave world for SMEs

With proper FX Risk management, firms can enhance their strategic decision-making process by assessing the costs, benefits, and risks associated with currency fluctuations. FX hedging does not have to be complex to be effective, it can just be as simple as a Forward Contract


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FX in the time of Football World Cup - Round 16 predictions

The 2018 FIFA World Cup is underway, and the field has been set for the 16th round of the world's biggest sporting event. 

Did you know - World Cup 2018 has garnered over 117.3 million views in India alone! 

We are trying to predict who is going to win the next ...

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Impact of FX on Travel Agents and Operators

Fluctuating Exchange Rate impact bottom line 

The travel industry is an international business with FX movements having a direct impact on bottom line, exposing the businesses to economic uncertainties and making it difficult to protect your projected profit margins. Travel Agents and Opera...

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Impact of FX Volatility and Risk Management Tools for SMEs


Given an increasingly globalised world and the fact that we live on an island continent, more and more businesses are importing foreign goods and solutions, using offshore teams and have international customer bases. Inevitably, this means direct and indirect exposures to foreign currenc...

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How to choose an FX broker for your business

We decided to pen this article as a result of conversations with 100’s of growing businesses we speak to on a daily basis. If your business is paying suppliers overseas or receiving payments in foreign currencies, there is no shortage of banks, online platforms and brokers to choose from. Making the...

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