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Australian Family Offices focus on Impact Investing

More and more family offices are motivated to engage in impact investing, as a way to contribute to a sustainable society. Impact investing provides an opportunity to unite families around common values and positive legacies, as well as to engage a younger generation in the leadership of a fami...

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Tat Family Office Social Impact Day: Summary

We're happy to share that TAT's annual flagship 'Social Impact Day' was truly an influential impact night here in Sydney. 

The theme for the event was: "Community First, Profits Next", wherein the Keynote of 'The Real Impact story' was shared by Virgina Bruce, followed by enriching dis...

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UBS Global Family Office Report 2018

The Global Family Office Report (by UBS/ Campden Research) series remains the most extensive study of its kind for beneficial owners, family office professionals and service providers, and is well worth a review. The Executive Summary includes the following conclusions:


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The rise of Family Office in Australia

What does the Family Office basics entail?

  • Clear Objective - in terms of wealth creation, preservation, and monitoring
  • Investment - a minimum baseline; specific areas of interest; value propositions - which may vary in terms of the entry point and the stage of the company /...
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Aiding Australian Family Offices to Turbo-Charge Portfolios with Indian Investment Opportunities

India is at the phase of a massive growth influx, with rapid transformation, rising reforms, increasing innovations, and a huge and eager market. In this insights, we will see how it ties together different aspects of its vast market, beckoning investors to cash in on the growth potential.

Economic o...

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Should Australian Family Offices listen to global investors' view on India

Out of the 284 Australian family offices that we regularly speak to, 22% have shown strong interest to invest into India. Yet, we are only aware of 7% who have been investing into India to date.

Ever since our efforts began over the past 4 years to educate the family office sector about the India opp...

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Impact of IoT on Family Offices, Investments into IoT companies and a Snapshot of the Australia-India IoT space

For a long period of time the internet has been the median for search, transfer and exchange of data, disrupting communication channels such as phone, fax and mail. Then came the age of analytics with high-tech platforms, systems and processors. Now with the evolution of smart technologies, internet...

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Global FO Trends & Where Australian Family Offices are Investing


Our direct reach to principals of 350 single family offices (SFOs) and executives of 50 multi-family offices (MFOs) with a total wealth of $473.5 billion as at December 2016 – across Australia, New Zealand and the Indian subcontinent, has provided great insight into the family office sec...

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