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Food and Agriculture: Snapshot
  • Top Companies by Funding 
Bira 91 ($245M), Gemini Edibles & Fats ($93.6M), Paper Boat ($79.7M), with 82 companies having Funding more than $5M. 

  • Top Soonicorns
Bira 91, Gemini Edibles & Fats, Paper Boat 

  • Top AI based Food Companies
Nuro, Shelf Eng...
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Impact of IOT and Artifical Intelligence on the daily living in the near future

Every corner we turn, the world is abuzz with words like Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Video Analytics and Machine Learning, but what do these buzzwords mean? Can we imagine a world today without a mobile and internet? The answer seems to be a big ‘No!’ to most part of the world ...

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India: Growth & Opportunities 

At the AsiaConnect roundtable hosted by Swaab Attorneys - Ram Gorlamandala, Co-founder and Director at Tat Capital presented the story behind the state of Fintech in India including the impact Aadhaar (India's national biometric identity card) has had on individuals and corporates and how ...

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Impact of IoT on Family Offices, Investments into IoT companies and a Snapshot of the Australia-India IoT space

For a long period of time the internet has been the median for search, transfer and exchange of data, disrupting communication channels such as phone, fax and mail. Then came the age of analytics with high-tech platforms, systems and processors. Now with the evolution of smart technologies, internet...

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