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Food and Agriculture: Snapshot
  • Top Companies by Funding 
Bira 91 ($245M), Gemini Edibles & Fats ($93.6M), Paper Boat ($79.7M), with 82 companies having Funding more than $5M. 

  • Top Soonicorns
Bira 91, Gemini Edibles & Fats, Paper Boat 

  • Top AI based Food Companies
Nuro, Shelf Eng...
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Energy: December Snapshot
  • Top IPOs in Solar Energy
Shoals($4.2B), SPIE($2.8B), Atlantica Yield($2.3B), with 91 IPOs and 400 exists in last 10 years

  • Top Companies in Solar Energy
ReNew Power Ventures($1570.0M), Sunnova($1542.4M), Greenko Group($1385.0M), Enphase Energy, SolarEdge

  • Top Companies in Nuc...
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Consumer Segment: Snapshot
  • Travel is picking up heat in India, and here are the leaders in the sub-continent: 

OYO ($3.23B), Zoomcar ($254M), Ibibo Group ($250M), Ixigo (Soonicorn), Yatra, with 45 companies having more than $5M funding 

Car Next Door, Seat Frog, Travello - Australia 

  • Transport Apps ...
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India Tech: October News

Startups in India raised over $23B this year by Q3, with 33 entering Unicorn status, the good news spree continues. Even as the world is battling the pandemic in various degrees, the much-needed transition to WFH and online education meant adoption of digital services saw a huge growth spike.

Here ar...

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Tat Impact: COVID-19 Aid

The COVID-19 pandemic has indeed made the world turn upside down, yet the upside is the hands and hearts of several people are unitedly fighting this crisis. 

People we know have lost their jobs, lost their kin, or are struggling to give or take help amidst all the chaos that has been brewi...

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Podcast: Business Opportunities in India

Listen to Founder Ram Gorlamandala talk about opportunities for ANZ companies in India, his entrepreneurial journey, the cross-border advantage and more in episode 54 of Business Beyond Borders with Cynthia Dearin. 

Subscribe to Cynthia's podcast for more fascinating stories in the business worl...

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Australia India Q2 Report 2020: Economic Growth & Investment Decision

In this report, you will find a direct comparison of Australia-India capital markets, thereby assisting your trade & investment aspirations in the region. We hope you will enjoy reading this report and enhance your economic awareness and competitive strengths that these regions can off...

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India Australia Industry Report 2019 by Tat Capital: TatXpo2019

We would like to dedicate this ‘India Australia Industry Report’ to our beloved Guru: Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. As founders of Tat Capital, we are here today only because of His blessings and guidance throughout our life, as instruments in the divine play that continues to roll-out.

Since ou...

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Is Australia ready to taste the Indian Miracle Food eaten by globally renowned CEOs?

Indians are heading up the world's best-known companies like Google, Microsoft, Adobe and taking ownership of companies such as Jaguar Landrover, Hamleys, and even East India Company is now owned by an Indian again (Government of India Act 1858 transferred all powers from the East Ind...

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India's growth story promises with it a huge appetite for many of Australia's goods and services across several fields and sectors. That is why, strategists have placed a rather high importance in this single major market for Australian business, adding to the already strong and long-stand...

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The Next Wave - Unicorns of Today, Giants of Tomorrow: PE Report
We’re delighted to announce the launch of our PE report titled ‘The Next Wave - Unicorns of Today, Giants of Tomorrow’ highlighting the sturdy growth of Unicorns/ Soonicorns in India, along with insights from leading PE houses and Venture Capitalists, on what it takes to make and power the current a...
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Explore India’s Medical Device potential with Tat Capital

Healthcare is one of the important industry fields all around the world, playing a pivotal role in nurturing an individual and in turn the world at large. Under this industry, the highly innovative Medical Device Market holds a key position, as the state-of-the-art technologies tremendously improve ...

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GST to Transform India

From our latest Mumbai office note, we've explored GST's transformational effects on India, where we highlight why many listed Indian businesses will create significant wealth for investors during this period of momentum!

India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi introduced India’s biggest tax ...

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6 months in, what did 2018 have for Aus-India?

Some highlights:  

⇒ January 2018:


  • Australia ANZ Consumer Confidence strengthened: Highest score since October 2013. 
  • Australian state Victoria to double the value of its export to India to AUD 1 billion over the next decade.
    • Doubling the number of Victorian businesses engaged ...

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