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Energy: December Snapshot
  • Top IPOs in Solar Energy
Shoals($4.2B), SPIE($2.8B), Atlantica Yield($2.3B), with 91 IPOs and 400 exists in last 10 years

  • Top Companies in Solar Energy
ReNew Power Ventures($1570.0M), Sunnova($1542.4M), Greenko Group($1385.0M), Enphase Energy, SolarEdge

  • Top Companies in Nuc...
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Investment & Climate Change 

Did you know: The World Bank Group gives the largest funding towards climate action in developing countries.

As per New Climate Economy report, 'bold climate action could yield a direct economic gain of US$26 trillion through to 2030 compared with business-as-usual'.

Global Consulting firm McKinsey po...

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