Tat Capital Launches Working Capital Funding Solutions for SMEs powered by Swoop  

27.01.22 06:57 AM By Tat-Support

 Sydney (AUS) 27th Jan 2022:  Sydney based financial services boutique firm, Tat Capital Pty Ltd, is pleased to announce the launch of its new working capital financing marketplace (TatWC) powered by Swoop to give wider choices for small and medium businesses, most of whom had a difficult time financially during the global pandemic. Tat Capital’s new corporate offering gives SMEs access to working capital funding options specially tailored to the unique needs of business owners. 

Working capital is the lifeblood of every business. No matter what your business’ individual circumstances are, the aim of taking an active approach to working capital management is to give the organisation options and a cash flow buffer year-round and through different business cycles.

This latest partnership between Tat Capital and Swoop is geared towards helping small business owners gain more flexibility and visibility over financing options. The vision for the working capital & supply chain financing business is to assist mid-market growing companies with tools to increase their payable cycles and accelerate their receivables. This in turn will assist SME clients with access to better cash flows and optimisation of their business growth.

Commenting on the partnership, Swoop’s Executive Director, Tim Brown stated: 

“Swoop’s latest partnership ties in with our commitment to helping SMEs in Australia enhance their business performance. By offering working capital solutions suited to the needs of individual business, we hope to ensure these businesses are set up for success in the path to revival post COVID-19. Both Tat Capital and Swoop understand no two businesses are the same, we look at every deal case by case and offer tailor-made solutions to achieve long-term benefits for business owner.”

For Ram Gorlamandala, Founder, Tat Capital, the partnership is yet another step towards offering holistic financial solutions to its clientele across Australia-India.

In a post-pandemic world, it has become even more important for companies to have a sustainable financing model to ride through various waves of economic and business life cycle. By offering an innovative and customised model, we look to help our clients focus on revenue-generating aspects, and not worry about their supply chain issues and needs. With a proven record to maneuver across complex deals, our lending partners will complement SMEs to grow in their businesses. Thereby helping our clients achieve growth and purpose agendas, through their relevance to society at large.”

Listen to their conversation where they discuss recent industry trends and the various ways businesses can benefit from the financing solutions we offer through thispartnership.

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TatWC takes pride in aiding growing businesses discover additional funding opportunities to manage their finances and plan for growth. Working with over 100 funding providers in Australia, TatWC’s matching technology simplifies and speeds up the funding process, enabling businesses to discover the right funding solutions across loans, equity and grants. Enabled by open banking, businesses can also identify and make savings on FX and insurance. Tat Capital is committed to working alongside Swoop to provide simple, secure and speedy access to the right finance solution to its clients.

If you’re interested in seeking funding to help finance your business growth, TatWC’s team of experts can help you secure the right funding opportunity for your business. Simply sign in or register an account for free to get started. 

Swoop Funding is a rapidly growing finance platform for SMEs. Launched in 2018 by Andrea Reynolds and built with the latest technology, Swoop demystifies the funding landscape in Australia and provides swift and convenient access to a diverse range of funding opportunities across loans, equity and grants. Swoop also helps businesses improve their bottom line by unlocking savings on FX, utilities and insurance.

For additional information on Tat-Swoop Funding contact: 

Ram Gorlamandala, Founder/CEO at [email protected] / Ayesha Khan, Marketing Manager at [email protected]

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