Post Recovery Blues: Headwinds & Tailwinds of COVID-19 Era | Round Table

24.03.22 10:09 AM By Tat-Support

Working Capital Solutions To Aid SMEs in Australia

We're pleased to share that our first face-to-face event of 2022: the TatWC round table was successful. Held on the 23rd of March at AICD, Director Ram Gorlamandala, along with Scott Weddle, Country Manager,  Swoop and the rest of the team showcased what our working capital solution could do for Australian businesses in this post-pandemic world. 

Working capital is the life line of every business, and if COVID-19 showed us anything, it is how volatile some of our businesses are amidst growing uncertainities. In order to make the SME narrative stronger in the land down under, we are offering a unique technology platform that will simply and automate a lot of your processes, as we find you the right lending partner. 

Are you someone who is thinking of interim cashflow management between your Receivables and Payables?

Do you want to retain cash in your bank statement a little longer and use various customised debt solutions we have on offer?

Do you like debt financing, but do not like exposing your entire company's balance sheet or your family home to achieve this?

Then the answer is to talk to us, as we may just have the right answer for you. 

Tat Capital's sole mission is to power your growth strategy and ensure you achieve your purpose. 

Our TATWC solution is not just a tech platform, as our team of experts are readily available to help you manage applications through to completion, and potential business savings all in one place. 

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Unlock various value drivers for your business through our working capital solution: know how the influx of cash flows and demands from customers can be met amidst the changing landscape; find out if your business is ready for systemic change at a massive scale, explore how we can address structural weaknesses to meet the pent up demand, and more.