Investment & Climate Change 

04.01.21 06:49 PM By Tat-Support

Did you know: The World Bank Group gives the largest funding towards climate action in developing countries.

As per New Climate Economy report, 'bold climate action could yield a direct economic gain of US$26 trillion through to 2030 compared with business-as-usual'.

Global Consulting firm McKinsey points out how Asian economies are increasingly at risk, and urge for adaptation and mitigation efforts. 

adaptation of climate action helps generate better returns

The ESG AUM of the fund industry is over $1Tr, with 56% funds outperforming their peers reported Morningstar. While still not at par with the exposure and adoption like the US, the subcontinent's first ESG fund was launched in 2018, and with time the narrative is getting traction in the business world. 

Australia and India have been in long-standing partnership to jointly reduce greenhouse gas emissions under the Clean Development Mechanism.

At the virtual Climate Ambition Summit by the UN, India confimed that it is well on its way to more than see through the nation's pledge on emission reduction. The city of Ahemedabad was infact an early adopter, where they have brought about a heat-wave early warning system, in response to its 2010 heatwave that killed 300. 

Our Knowledge and Analytics Partner, Foresight Analytics, shares their impact centric take around the climate crisis, and how data can help us devise an effective ESG investment strategy.

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