About Tat Capital

In mid 2013, we began as Global Investment Partners and Global FX Partners with the vision of providing a multi-layered service of capital raising and FX advisory. Our goal was to use our networks and Subcontinental heritage to help Australian and New Zealand growth companies do business in the Indian Subcontinent. In 2015, we merged the 2 organisations under one banner of Tat Capital – Corporate Finance & FX but the vision remains stronger than ever.

Tat is derived from Tat Tvam Asi, which in Sanskrit, an Indian language pre-dating Latin, means absolute equality and oneness. We believe absolute equality captures the equitable and ethical way we do business and oneness, the truly integrated offering of corporate, FX and family office advisory.

Tat Capital facilitates trade and investment ideas between Australia, New Zealand and the Indian Subcontinent through effective capital raising, M&A and international business development. We add value to our network of Family Offices, institutional investors, PE and VC funds through uncovering unique and unconventional growth ideas.

Tat Capital’s Family Office (TatFO) platform is a secure environment for Family Offices across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, UK and the Indian subcontinent to connect, collaborate and co-invest into great investment opportunities.

Tat Capital’s Foreign Exchange (TatFX) solutions helps our corporate clients, investors and family offices through sharper FX conversions, faster international payments and dynamic hedging solutions that protect profitability, enable complex cross-border transactions and improve operational cashflows.

Tat Corporate Pty Ltd 43 163 500 883 and Tat FX Pty Ltd ABN 76 605 778 943 are fully owned subsidiaries of Tat Capital Pty Ltd ABN 77 605 777 759.