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    Strong due-diligence
    Multi-geography access
    TAT Capital
    Trusted Provider

Tat Capital Working Capital Solutions

What is Tat WC‘s differentiator?

TatWC connects businesses to lending experts both local and global to find the most efficient solution for your financing requirements. TatWC offers range of financing products across the entire spectrum of working cycle of a business – starting from getting a new order to shipping the finished goods to the buyer.

Consultative approach to structure the right business solution for business growth.

Cost-effective and innovative solutions for the entire working capital cycle for small, medium and large businesses.

Broad executive experience and strong reputation in the market has helped foster long-term relationships with professional counterparties and lenders. We take pride in our relationships and strive to cultivate long-standing partnerships.

Strong due-diligence and assessment of the underlying assets, documentation and security package to provided the optimal funding solutions to its clients.

Multi-geography access allows us to help our clients navigate offshore markets for business growth

"Our mission is to become "Trusted Working Capital Solution Provider " for all businesses across industries. "

Working Capital and Lending

Payable Finance Solutions

Pre – Shipment Finance / Purchase Order Finance

Cash Advance facility for purchase raw materials or production of goods to fulfill a sales order

Equipment Finance / Inventory Finance

Finance for equipments, office fit-outs,professional equipments,computers, industrial equipments and commodities

Supplier Finance

Extend DPO - Days Payable Outstanding and improve cash flow by using the Supplier Finance facility

Extend payables to maximise cash flow
Strengthen relationship with your suppliers
Gain substantial discounts by paying suppliers early
Flexible and can be availed depending on order book

Receivable Finance Solutions

Debtor Finance/ Invoice Finance

Accelerate your receivables into cash with easy access to cost-effective B2B financing solutions

Receivable Finance

Tailor-made financing solution which is scalable to trade growth by leveraging strong buyer profile

Accelerate receivables and provides access to liquidity
Unlock the potential of your sales ledger
Increase sales by offering extended credit terms to buyers
Flexible and scalable to meet business growth

Loans, Overdrafts and Line of Credits

Provides finance for new venture, expansion or a new project.
Can be for short term or as long as 3 years.
Unsecured financing possible, subject to credit assessment.
Overdraft facility helps to overcome short term liquidity created by the mismatch in the working capital
Quick approval.
Funds credited directly to your account
Manager cash flows and pay interest as you draw
A revolving facility that is scalable and convenient to use as per business requirements
Can attract a commitment fees for the availability line of credit; can draw upto the maximum amount available

No two businesses are the same, we look at every deal case by case and offer tailor make solutions to achieve long-term benefits.

We can arrange unsecured funding upto 100% of monthly turnover of a business

We have access and experience across both traditional and alternative finance covering every aspect of business finance

We cover broad range of industries

  • Food and Agri products
  • Logistics and Transport
  • Commodities
  • Automobiles
  • Builders
  • Infrastructure
  • IT, IT Service Providers
  • Education
  • Consultants
  • Metals & Mining
  • Telecom