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Pras Indrakumar
Nov 26 2015

TatXpo 2016 - Come to India with Tat Capital

TatXpo 2016 - Come to India with Tat Capital
<p>Tat Capital are planning the first ever <strong>Australia&nbsp;India Tat Capital Expo (#TatXpo)</strong>&nbsp;in India.</p> <p><strong>WHERE:&nbsp;</strong>Hyderabad, India&nbsp;&ndash;&nbsp;Venue confirmed&nbsp;shortly.</p> <p><strong>WHEN: </strong>1st March or 27th April 2016 &ndash; Date confirmed shortly.Our goal is to create a unique platform for CEOs, company directors and investors from Australia and India to explore ideas, form commercial partnerships and ultimately strengthen the economic ties between our two great countries. Over 2 days, growth company and startup CEO&rsquo;s will meet investors, potential partners, suppliers and customers alongside the Indian corporate sector.</p> <p><strong>Why India?&nbsp;</strong></p> <blockquote> <p>#1 Fastest growing major economy, with 7% growth</p> <p>#1 FDI destination in the world with $30bn of inflow in&nbsp;H1 2015$2tr&nbsp;Indian GDP, set to grow to $5tr by 2025$2.5tr Private consumption by 2030, $1tr in 201425% India&rsquo;s contribution to global workforce by 202529 &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;</p> <p># Median age, youngest country in the world by 2020$7.7bn &nbsp;September 2015 quarter M&amp;A up 18% from 2014.77% GDP contribution by urban population in&nbsp;49 emerging cities</p> </blockquote> <p><strong>Why TatXpo?</strong></p> <blockquote> <p># Meet CEOs of leading growth and early-stage companies</p> <p>#&nbsp;Explore trends in technology, consumer &amp; infrastructure</p> <p>#&nbsp;Interact with institutional, family office, PE &amp; VC investors</p> <p>#&nbsp;Targeted meetings, workshops &amp; panel discussions</p> <p>#&nbsp;Hear from successful business case studies#&nbsp;Partake in Australia-India thought leadership</p> <p>#&nbsp;Experience cross cultural diversity</p> </blockquote> <p>Tat Capital will be on hand to support transactions and facilitate discussions through targeted meetings, panel sessions, workshops and pitchfests. TatXpo will provide an opportunity to explore the vibrant culture of Hyderabad, India&rsquo;s most liveable city and the tech city home to Google and&nbsp;Microsoft. Whether you are a company director, innovator, investor or service provider, TatXpo is where you need to be.</p>

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