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Sulakshana Badri
Jul 12 2019

Tat Capital Australia India Trade & Investment Expo - TatXpo19

Tat Capital Australia India Trade & Investment Expo - TatXpo19
<p>We&#39;re very pleased to announce the launch of <a href="" target="_blank">TatXpo 2019</a>: our unique platform for Australian growth companies, innovators and investors to connect with their counterparts in India to collaborate and commercialise high growth, high impact ideas.</p> <p><u><strong>What we have planned for you this year:</strong></u></p> <p>The theme for the delegation is to build a dialogue around two important pillars identified in <a href="" target="_blank">&#39;Australia India Economic Strategy: Road map to 2035&#39;</a>, making this a great chance for you to interact with successful investors and savvy businessmen first hand to understand the secrets behind creating multi-million dollar enterprises across the two regions.</p> <p><strong>TatXpo19</strong>&nbsp;allows you to access a series of detailed deep dive workshops with service providers, regulators and various other stakeholders from both the capital markets &amp; market development ecosystem</p> <ul> <li>It will feature high quality growth companies, CEOs, investors and the corporate sector from ANZ / India, who come together to connect, collaborate and co-invest over a sector-focussed expo.</li> <li>This will be an opportunity for both Indian delegates, as well as Australian delegates to learn from each other in a pragmatic way of doing business together.</li> <li>Strengthen economic ties between the two great countries.</li> </ul> <p>Read our TatXpo 2016 success story <a href="" target="_blank">here</a> /&nbsp;Visit our <a href="" target="_blank">TatXpo 2019 site</a> to register your interest!&nbsp;</p>

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