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Tat Capital Insights

Sulakshana Badri
Oct 23 2017

India’s banking challenges in the fintech era, and the role of Aussie firms

<p><strong>Indian FinTech</strong>&nbsp;industry is without doubt growing at an outstanding pace, giving the&nbsp;<strong>highest RoI of 29%</strong>&nbsp;against the global average of 20.1%. (Source: PwC - Redrawing the Lines - 2017). Statista reports that the transaction value of the Indian finte ...

Ram Gorlamandala
Oct 11 2017

The role of Intelligent Transport System (ITS) & Smart Cities in the newage development paradigm

<p>In our last insights, we saw the advent and evolution of Internet of Things (IoT) &amp; related fields - their ongoing, humungous impact on the growth trajectory, and the need for connectivity to offer simpler, richer and energy efficient ways to perform any task. Harbouring on that resourceful ...

Pras Indrakumar
Oct 05 2017

Aiding Australian Family Offices to Turbo-Charge Portfolios with Indian Investment Opportunities

<p>India is at the phase of a massive growth influx, with rapid transformation, rising reforms, increasing innovations, and a huge and eager market. In this insights, we will see how it ties together different aspects of its vast market, beckoning investors to cash in on the growth potential.</p> ...

Lasanka Perera
Jul 12 2017

8 Million Indian SMEs to process 4 billion GST receipts every month - The opportunity for ANZ fintech.

<h3><strong>INDIAN GST - WHAT, WHEN, WHY</strong></h3> <p>More than 10 years after it was initially proposed, India has rolled out a Goods and Services Tax on July 1 2017 making it the single biggest tax reform since Indian independence in 1947. The GST will simplify a highly complex and layered ...

Ram Gorlamandala
Jul 06 2017

Impact of IOT and Artifical Intelligence on the daily living in the near future

<p>Every corner we turn, the world is abuzz with words like Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Video Analytics and Machine Learning, but what do these buzzwords mean?&nbsp;Can we imagine a world today without a mobile and internet? The answer seems to be a big &lsquo;No!&rsquo; to most pa ...

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