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    TAT Capital
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Tat Capital provides Family Office Advisory

At Tat Capital we provide family office services for individuals and families who require investment advice, management and administration of substantial wealth, by providing value at every point of contact.

We have the trusted family office service providers who work closely with us to look after our clients across Wealth Management, Taxation, Succession Planning, Financial Management, Philanthropy, Trustee Services, Insurance and Lifestyle services.

With a strong network of over 500 wealthy individuals and 350 family offices from Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and UK. We facilitate strategic introductions by providing the opportunity for our clients to connect, collaborate and co-invest in great investment opportunities.

We assist individuals or families, whose wealth is created or inherited, providing a high level of service distinguished by discretion and advice, guided first and foremost by what matters most to our clients.

We help our clients with their capital preservation and accumulation, and put in place specific strategies that can optimise and protect their wealth.

Above all else, there is integrity to our intentions. We put our clients’ interests first, building relationships of confidence, trust over time and understanding their core values.

 Family Office Login

Secured platform for family offices to connect, collaborate and co-invest in great investment opportunities.

  • Connect with other family offices
  • Present co-investment opportunities
  • Share your divestments and current portfolio holdings for exit
  • Family offices services
  • Attend exclusive private events



A family office is a private company that manages investments and trusts for a single family. The company or individual’s financial capital is the family’s own wealth, often accumulated over many family generations. Traditional family offices provide personal services such as managing household staff and making travel arrangements. Other services typically handled by the traditional family office include property management, day-to-day accounting and payroll activities, and management of legal affairs. Family offices often provide family management services, which includes family governance, financial and investment education, philanthropy coordination, and succession planning. A family office can cost over $1 million a year to operate, so the family’s net worth usually exceeds $100 million.

Reference: Frank, Robert (2004) – The Wall Street Journal (Dow Jones).