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    TAT Capital
    A holistic, highly networked corporate advisory

Tat Capital connects growing companies across Australia, New Zealand and the Indian Subcontinent through strategic advice and access to smart capital. We add value to our deep network of family office and institutional investors by uncovering high value, high growth and off-market opportunities.

Corporate Advisory

Tat Capital was formed to facilitate cross-border trade & investment ideas across the growing mid-market enterprises between Australia, New Zealand & the Indian Subcontinent. Tat brings many innovative off-market investment opportunities to the forefront across these regions to our family office & institutional investors. In a short time, we have become the go to advisory to discuss growth initiatives, access to smart capital and Subcontinental expansion. With a proven track record of successful transactions in sport, technology, fintech, real estate, entertainment and resources, Tat Capital is well positioned to service growth companies across the two regions.

What we offer?

Why clients choose Tat Capital?

Clients choose Tat Capital to harness a wide distribution network of 350 family offices, over 500 corporate clients and 700 institutional investors across Australia, New Zealand and the Indian Subcontinent. We drive client engagement through themed investment events including ultra high net worth (UHNW) lunches, international investment roadshows and trade delegations.

Clients choose Tat Capital because they receive transparent & ethical advice on a range of areas growing enterprises encounter. Tat Capital takes pride in doing business in the right spirit and takes a harmonious approach in dealing with stakeholders.

Originating the right clients and partnering with the right investors is the key to success for any growing enterprise. Our management team combine experience and visibility across corporate finance, foreign exchange, private wealth & equity research to bring growth companies together with smart capital and strategic opportunities.

Past transactions

AUD$6.5M Capital Raising for the SPP and IPO on the ASX

AUD$1M Pre-IPO Funding

US$15M Equity Funding

AUD$500K Equity Funding

AUD$3M Debt Funding (Co-investment with NSW State Government)